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The Angry Noodle Presents: An Other Worldly Fantasy Blog

If you aren't familiar with world building then you are about to get an introduction sooner than later at the Angry Noodle. Depending on which fantasy blog you find yourself swallowed by, at some point one of them will inevitably offer you an invitation to build your very own world. While this may sound like something unique and unusual, you will be amazed to discover how personal and familiar it feels.

Sometimes, it is simply easier to experience something than to explain it, when trying to understand it. This is one of those cases, but make no mistake, world building is something that will test your mind, your imagination, and even your abilities to reason, but it can also change your world. So don't be surprised if you fall in love with building your own world from the ground up, and if you don't become a fan of the kind of fantasy blog and worlds here at the Angry Noodle.

Oh yes, if you are an experienced world builder, welcome and have a great time. And if you have a fantasy blog idea or something to offer, please reach out to the Angry Noodle, I would love to hear your ideas. This is the Angry Noodle and it is a better place because of all of us.

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