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A Satirical Story About a Funny Blog and an Angry Noodle

To call the Angry Noodle a place where satire writing is acceptable is akin to saying that going without a shirt on the beach is acceptable, it is simply part of the culture and the environment. So if you read a funny blog at the Angry Noodle, then it is a fairly safe bet that it might be laden with satire. Of course, that doesn't mean all humor needs to be satirical.

Balance is an important aspect of essentially everything in life, including life itself. With that type of wisdom and thinking in mind, there is also a home for the funny blog, free of the influences of satire writing, as there is a home for the satirical. Where they overlap, we don't apologize, and we don't do anyone any favors by promoting skin thin.

And if you think humor and satire are reserved for the world we live in, think again, because if you dare to journey to one of the other realms here at the Noodle, then you will find it there as well. And if you find yourself venturing into the political chatter at the Angry Noodle, it simply isn't the Noodle's fault that satire and politics go hand in hand. Some might even say they are bedfellows?

If you have humor, and especially the really good kind, like satire, then please feel free to share. They say laughter is the best medicine, and I don't know who "they" are, but once again, those faceless nameless theys are right. Thanks as always for stopping by and for sharing a laugh or taking the time to laugh with us, and happy noodling.

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