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Is the Angry Noodle Political Blog?

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they talk about the Angry Noodle is that they assume that it is either a progressive blog or some type of political blog. Although I can understand how that image or impression may have been perceived or promoted by others, it has been just that - perception of the "mis" kind, or opinions of others.

Now, for the truth about where the Angry Noodle stands on the political scope. Yes, we talk about politics at the Angry Noodle, but we also talk about medical situations, world events, and music. Interestingly though, nobody mistakes the Angry Noodle as a music blog, a medical blog site, or a blog for humanitarian efforts. The truth is simply this, at the Angry Noodle we talk about everything and nothing is off-limits.

Yes, we talk politics, but under sections like the "rants" page, you might find a blog about anything you can imagine - and perhaps even some things you can't! Hopefully, this helps clear up any of the confusion about where the Angry Noodle stands on politics, as in we don't.

If you have any suggestions, thoughts, ideas, or if you would like to submit a guest blog, your input, opinion, and voice are welcomed. I know that such an open forum might upset some people, but after all, this is the Angry Noodle. So please come with an open mind and if you are willing to explore the realms of your imagination, you just might be surprised at what you find at the Angry Noodle.

Vote, don't vote, blue states, red states, donkeys, elephants - and somewhere there is a zoo! That is the official stance of the Angry Noodle, now, say something. No - really, say something, that's why we're here.

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