Angry Noodle Submission Update

Updated: Feb 6

Hello, hello! Brioche here.

Great things have been happening with the site lately, and I'm very excited about it. We've been added to the Submission Grinder (hi, submitters!), we've started paying for contributions, we now have our own little Patreon page, and we've started a new initiative to double up on submission fees and pay an additional fee to a protest bail fund or small business rebuilding fund of the submitter's choice should they be accepted and decide they want to.

That being said, we're all college students and/or recent college grads. I was really happy to be able to pay most (still need to get in touch with a few of you, but I will!) of our first contributors the $0.05 per word rate and the additional donation, but the fact is that we're not a monetized site, and with the influx of submissions (some of which are quite long), I can't keep the site running with our current payment plan. The Patreon page has been insanely helpful, but doubling up on fees means that I've been paying $400 for some submissions out of pocket, which just isn't feasible for a site that, again, doesn't actually make any money (though fingers crossed that changes someday!), and for a recent grad working an internship and no idea what happens when it ends.

It's because of this that I wanted to make a post letting everyone know, whether you're a current submitter who hasn't heard back from us yet or someone who is considering submitting, that we're changing our payment rate to a flat fee of $20, plus another $20 for the donations, instead of the $0.05 per word fee. We've also finally added the word count limit that many people have been asking us about, and it's now 5,000 words.

I would love to go back to the $0.05 per word fee, and maybe some day I'll have the money to do that, but for now I have to be realistic and accept that we just don't have the funds for that right now.

If you have already been accepted, I will honor that original fee and pay $.05 per word. But if you've submitted recently and haven't heard back, I wanted to make a post alerting everyone, especially those who submitted longer pieces. If you feel your writing would be better served elsewhere and you would like to rescind your piece, I totally understand, and please do let me know! For those who do, I apologize and hope to get to see your writing in the future when we (hopefully) are able to return to per word.

That's all for now. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at


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