Cosmical Constant: A Poem by Emma Indelicato

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

by Emma Indelicato

galaxy of stars
...and it may reap anew once again.

Cream and sugar-dust home

where microcosms happen to grow

like bacteria in the rot and spoils of the universe

the curdling of the cosmos.

Who cries as it endlessly spills beyond

the horizon and the events that define us?

As our children crawl and swim into ice ages 

the smell of tears and brides’ bouquets and the oxygen

perfume of the early earth

space glazes over it all and spreads

to blotches


the divorce of particles

until it drips

down over an unseeable edge

into the carpet of the unknown.

As supernovae splotch and sow

a sea of dust that used to be stars

and it may reap anew once again

never-ending and never-beginning but always moving.

The gravity of our history binds us to question

yet the answers diffuse away, constantly expanding.

We chase but our feet bleed and brains blitz

at H0

A mental speed limit.

Let Hubble and Einstein

drive for millions of parsecs.

Go on an intergalactic roadtrip

with Cepheids on the radiowaves.

Maybe they will whisper their stories and secrets

through dreams and days from the dead.

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