Cruxian Class Profile: Aeromancer

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

More wind than humanoid, the fashionable, exclusive, and admittedly Aeromancers spend more time floating in the clouds above The Climatics District than they do interacting with their more solid counterparts.

Sigil of Aeromancers
The Aeros--always happy to roam the skies and none too thrilled to spend more time on the ground than necessary, possess the ability to shift into gusts of wind--making their sigil design an obvious choice.

While all Aeros are capable of shifting into the wind and living life among the clouds, producing bursts of wind from their fingertips, and even summoning small twisters at will, the strongest among them boast the ability to summon monstrous tornadoes and deadly hurricanes.

Aeromancy: The four magic classes that make up The Climatics District all seem more elemental than human; they all embrace their respective element to the point of nearly merging with it, giving them the gift of both harnessing and becoming one with their magic.

Casting Style: Hands (in humanoid form); pretty much any part of the body (as the wind)

Eye Color: Grey

Closeup of an Aeromancer woman's eye
Aeromancer woman's eye

Focus of Study: Meditation

School: College of Creation

Career Fields: Weather Segmentors, energy providers, investigators, models, "influencers"

District: The Climatics District

Council Representative: The Ethermaster

Moon: Gale; a medium, smooth, pearl-like moon. When Gale is full and highest in the night sky, the wind is noticeably stronger and the occasional twister may appear outside of city limits.

Gale, the Gust Moon
Gale, the Gust Moon

Fun Facts:

A Weather Segmentor is any inhabitant of The Climatics District who works to maintain the weather to the Council's (and by extention, The Core City's) liking. It's like a meteorologist whose predictions come true because they always create the outcome. An Aeromancy Weather Segmentor would help prepare the wind speed and cloudiness for the coming days.

Aeromancers and Geomancers often find themselves strangely attracted to one another. Aeros, who worship and embrace the sky, are nonetheless fascinated by and drawn to their earth-bound counterparts, and vice versa. Aeros do not leave the clouds very often, but the few times they do, it's usually to sneak away for a meeting with an equally enrapured and rebellious Geo.

Aeromancers and Hydromancers hold festivals every month where their powers merge and create a fog that persists for several days. The other Cruxes are not huge fans of this festival.

Aeromancers and Pyromancers have something of a playful rivalry; Pyromancers love sending smoke into the air while Aeromancers insist on keeping it smoke-free. Because Cruxes don't have lungs and have access to extremely advanced technology and powerful magic, this friendly rivalry has never become much of an issue. It does get annoying, though.

Strangely, birds in the Cruxian world do not make an appearance unless Gale is out.

Despite their typical aversion to interacting with other Cruxes, Aeromancers have a bit of a reputation for being extremely gossipy, listening in on conversations and whispering secrets to their fellow Aeros. It's a very well-earned reputation.

Aeros do not like vacuums or any other suctioning devices. Don't ask them why.

Aeromancy is the seventh rarest of the magic classes.

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