Cruxian Class Profile: Alleviate

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Widely viewed as the gentlest and most peaceful of every class, the healing Alleviates are still not immune to the pull of violence and ruthlessness, and some of the most powerful among them choose instead to use their gift to physically enhance themselves and Overheal their enemies over typical healing professions.

Sigil of Alleviates
The official sigil of the Alleviates. A merging of the beauty and brutality of nature.

One of the most respected magic classes in The Core City, the Alleviate specializes in all things healing and wellness, both in nature and in the indivudual. A few among them, however, prefer the lifestyle of a Thorn, a powerful and merciless soldier who uses the power of life to bring death.

Alleviation: An Alleviate can heal wounds and sickness through a threading golden healing magic. They can also specialize in physical augmentations--a power that Thorns use to its fullest potential.

Casting Style: Most Alleviates channel their magic through the very tips of their fingers, but Thorns tend to be far less gentle with their casting and prefer to use their fists or the palms of their hands.

Eye Color: Gold, Green (Thorns)

Focus of Study: Patience, attention to detail

School: Academy of Alleviation

Career Fields: Doctors, nurses, combat medics, herbalists, physical trainers, Sentinels/Thorns

District: The Wellness District

Council Representative: The Savior

Moon: Remedial, a large, yellow moon. When Remedial is full and highest in the night sky, it acts as minor pain relief to anyone who steps outside.

Remedial, the Tonic Moon
Remedial, the Tonic Moon

Fun Facts:

Alleviates typically use their fingertips to cast because an abundance of healing magic can turn dangerous and even lethal if done wrong. The forcing of too much healing magic into the body is called Overhealing, and it is typically used by Thorns to cause lethargy in an enemy or even death in extreme cases.

If you end up going on a drunken binge (which you probably will if you wander anywhere near The Festival District populated by the fun-loving Imaginates), you might find yourself in a hospital somewhere in The Wellness District. When the first Council began designing The Core City and each of its districts, the members unanimously agreed that The Wellness District should go next to The Festival District so that the (happy) victims of the thrill-seeking Imaginates could be transferred for medical care as swiftly as possible when they inevitably passed out or worse.

Remedial, the Tonic Moon has one of the most convenient moon effects and is used by the Alleviates of The Wellness District to help patients who are in too much pain to sleep.

Alleviation is the second rarest of the magic classes.

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