Cruxian Class Profile: Geomancer

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Embracing the earth so devoutly that some prefer to sleep belowground rather than above, the strong and noble Geomancers are some of the most reliable Cruxes that one can encounter.

Sigil of Geomancers
Even as Geo architects design a myriad of different buildings using a myriad of different materials for Cruxes living outside of their district, basalt has always remained a staple in their own section of The Climate District. This made it the perfect object to serve as the sigil of Geomancy.

While all Geomancers are capable of becoming one with the earth and hardening their skin to endure nearly any physical punishment, bending the earth to their will, the strongest among them boast the ability to summon devastating earthquakes and landslides in an instant.

Geomancy: The four magic classes that make up The Climatics District all seem more elemental than human; they all embrace their respective element to the point of nearly merging with it, giving them the gift of both harnessing and becoming one with their magic.

Casting Style: Hands (in humanoid form); hands and feet (as the earth)

Eye Color: Brown

Closeup of a Geomancer woman's eye
Geomancer woman's eye

Focus of Study: Strength

School: College of Climatics

Career Fields: Agriculturalists, terraformers, architects, Weather Segmentors, Sentinels (occasionally)

District: The Climatics District

Council Representative: The Prime Architect

Moon: Solid Ground, a small, brown-tinged moon. When Solid Ground is full and highest in the night sky, it causes crystal growths to sprout from the earth.

Solid Ground, the Jewel Moon
Solid Ground, the Jewel Moon

Fun Facts:

A Weather Segmentor is any inhabitant of The Climatics District who works to maintain the weather to the Council's (and by extention, The Core City's) liking. It's like a meteorologist whose predictions come true because they always create the outcome. A Geomancy Weather Segmentor would help to keep the earth within the city stable while releasing mudslides, earthquakes, and tsunamis elsewhere.

Aeromancers and Geomancers often find themselves strangely attracted to one another. Geos, who worship and embrace the earth, are nonetheless fascinated by and drawn to their wind-bound counterparts, and vice versa. One of the few times an Aero might leave the sky would be to sneak away for a meeting with an equally enraptured and rebellious Geo.

Geos and Alleviates have a sort of kinship in that Alleviates are connected to all forms of life, including plantlife, while Geos are connected to the earth and soil. Because of this, Geomancers gravitate towards the east side of The Climatics District, closest to The Wellness Disitrct that Alleviates call home.

The only rock formation that a Geomancer would never be able to manipulate is Null, a dark purple mineral that drains esse from the core of any Crux cloes to it. To try and manipulate it would be near suicide, and many have either died or (if less fortunate) turned mindless Obsidian for trying.

Part of why Geomancers prefer to construct their homes out of basalt instead of the various other materials the other Cruxes prefer to use is that basalt is one of the earthen materials most affected by Solid Ground, causing the buildings to slowly become encased in a beautiful and sturdy crystalline shell that can be molded to the owner's liking.

Geomancy is the sixth rarest of the magic classes.

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