Cruxian Class Profile: Hexxer

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

The black sheep of the Crux, the Hexxer thrives off of feeling and inflicting pain.

Hexxer sigil
The sigil of Hexxers is not officially registered, but in an act of rebellion (and a somewhat twisted sense of humor), the Hexxer community designed a morbid sigil of their own.

The most feared and reviled of all magic classes, the Hexxer thrives off of pain--both feeling it and meting it out. The Hexxer specializes in all forms of jinxes and curses, inflicting intense physical/mental agony or misfortune. Their penchant for pain marks them as undesirables, and they are relegated to the outskirts of The Core City or its most neglected district, The Jinx.

Hexxing: A Hexxer can curse victims with nearly any punishment they desire, from crippling pain to life-altering misfortune. The strength and length of the curse depends on the power of the Hexxer.

Casting Style: Curses are often hissed through the mouth, though skilled practitioners can inflict curses only by willing it.

Eye Color: Black

Closeup of a Hexxer man's eye
Hexxer man's eye

Focus of Study: None

School: None

Typical Career Fields: Interrogators, wardens, executioners, mercenaries, black market vendors

District: "The Jinx"

Council Representative: None

Moon: Gloom, a small, new moon. When Gloom is full and highest in the night sky, it invokes misfortune upon anyone who steps outside.

Gloom, the Cursed Moon
Gloom, the Cursed Moon

Fun Facts:

While the magic-less Hollowed are shunned by Cruxian society because they are believed to contribute nothing to the advancement of civilization, Hexxers are shunned because they are believed to bring nothing but ruin.

Because Hexxers are feared and loathed by their fellow Cruxes, they are the only class that is not represented in government.

The negligence of Cruxian leadership in regard to The Jinx and its inhabitants has lead to a district of Cruxes with no outlet with which to embrace their power. This has led to an addiction to pain and a thriving black market of dealers selling poisonous herbs to desperate Hexxers who ingest the herb to embrace the intense pain. It's not uncommon to see figures writhing on the streets of The Jinx in a warped mix of agony and ecstasy.

Gloom is the most dangerous and reviled of the nine moons. The nights that it is full, most Crux prefer to stay inside. The misfortune it invokes is usually nothing major (tripping and failling, briefly losing control of a minor spell, misfiring a spell and breaking a neighbor's window), but that's enough reason to avoid its cursed rays.

Hexxers are the only class whose magic colors their entire eye rather than just the pupil. It's a small but unnerving trait that only further separates them from their peers. What probably makes it more unnerving is that the only time a Hexxer's eyes change is when they use a curse that involves one of the other eight magic classes. For example, should they curse someone to be lashed by plants anytime they get near one, their pupil would be green while their sclera would stay its usual black. These curses are simply called [Class]-based curses (Ex: Alleviated-based curse).

Girl with black sclera and grey pupil crying black tears
Hexxer girl using an Aeromancy-based curse. Probably some sort of suffocation.

It is unknown how many Hexxers there are relative to the other Crux magic classes. Government officials throughout the Cruxian world prefer not to think about it.

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