Cruxian Class Profile: Hollowed

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Relegated to the outskirts of The Core City, the powerless Hollowed are viewed by their Cruxian counterparts as empty, void-like husks where power should be.

Hollowed sigil
Ironically, despite the Hollowed not having any sort of power, their sigil is officially registered while the Hexxers' is not. However, it was only registered as mockery by the elite within The Core City, and is viewed as a joke more than anything.

Posessing a heart instead of a magic-processing core, the classification of Hollowed has been widely debated among Cruxian experts.

Hollowed: Hollowed do not have any abilities that the Crux possess. Their lack of a core means they are the only other group that has a use for water other than Hydromancers. It also means that they are the only group capable of handling Null, a core-draining substance that has claimed the lives of many Crux unfortunate or reckless enough to get too close to it.

Null—the Coredrinker

Casting Style: None

Eye Color: None (varies)

Focus of Study: None

School: None

Typical Career Fields: Any non-magical labor

District: None

Council Representative: None

Moon: None

Fun Facts:

Because Hexxers and Hollowed typically live in the forgotten parts of The Core City or away from the city entirely, the two groups of outsiders have developed a sort of symbiotic relationship with one another. Hollowed use their immunity to Null to protect Hexxers from exposure to it while Hexxers use their cursed and oft-reviled powers to protect Hollowed from the myriad of dangerous creatures lurking outside of The Core City.

While Hexxers are feared and hated, Hollowed are sometimes pitied, but usually looked down upon for their lack of magical gifts.

Hollowed cannot process magic without a core, hence their "empty" classification. They can, however, use magic by extracting the blood of whoever possesses the class they wish to use. Wealthy Hollowed do this frequently, and they are known simply as Psuedo-Crux.

There exists a few Hollowed colonies where the inhabitants are wealthier and can afford to buy magic items that let them live as Psuedo-Crux. They’re hated by their fellow Hollowed as traitors for prioritizing wealth and “passing” over standing beside their fellow magicless outcasts. They’re also hated by the Crux, who find their desperate grab for false power pathetic and pointless.

Markings in The Core City are symbols of pride in one's own magic class. There are Marking parlors scattered throughout the city, and all of the reputable ones require some sort of verification that you are in fact the class you're getting a Marking for. However, some Hollowed sneak into The Jinx and go to Hexxer-owned Marking parlors--where regulations are not followed nearly as closely--and get Markings to pass.

Imaginates, as the most welcoming, creative, and open-minded of all magic classes, tend to be the most accepting of Hollowed. The few relationships between Hollowed and Crux are usually between a Hollowed and an Imaginate.

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