Cruxian Class Profile: Hydromancer

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Gentle, soft-spoken, and somewhat cold and aloof, the adaptable Hydromancers are the most likely to be able to coexist peacefully with every other magic class in The Core City.

Sigil of Hydromancers
While some might believe that the sigil representing Hydromancers depicts water, it can also be argued that it is instead depicting esse, the liquid every Crux must drink to recharge their core (and by extension, their life and magic). While Hydromancers are far too laid back to ever say so aloud, they are arguably one of the most valuable magic classes because they are the only ones who naturally possess the ability to harvest esse.

While all Hydromancers are capable of shifting into living incarnations of water and conjuring it from nothing, the strongest among them boast the ability to summon rain and hailstorms, towering tsunamis, and vast whirpools in seconds.

Hydromancy: The four magic classes that make up The Climatics District all seem more elemental than human; they all embrace their respective element to the point of nearly merging with it, giving them the gift of both harnessing and becoming one with their magic.

Casting Style: Fingers (in humanoid form), pretty much any part of the body (as water)

Eye Color: Blue

Closeup of a Hydromancer woman's eye
Hydromancer woman's eye.

Focus of Study: Patience, adaptability

School: College of Climatics

Career Fields: Aquatic Cleansers, agriculturalists, fishermen, marine biologists, Sentinels (rarely), Esse Harvesters

District: The Climatics District

Council Representative: The Waterbearer

Moon: Blue Gaze, a large, blue-tinted moon. When Blue Gaze is full and highest in the night sky, it guarantees a night of rain and higher waves.

Blue Gaze, the Cleanse Moon
Blue Gaze, the Cleanse Moon

Fun Facts:

Because Cruxes rely on esse to survive and not water, water holds no value to anyone except the Hydromancers who manipulate and conjure it. And because water is worthless to every other Crux, the various lakes, rivers, and even puddles throughout The Core City are maintained only by Hydromancers, known as Aquatic Cleansers.

A Weather Segmentor is any inhabitant of The Climatics District who works to maintain the weather to the Council's (and by extention, The Core City's) liking. It's like a meteorologist whose predictions come true because they always create the outcome. A Hydromancy Weather Segmentor would help prepare rain and cloudiness for the coming days. They would also work with Pyromancers (or sometimes argue) to determine the proper temperature to set the region at.

Esse Harvesters are some of the most valuable Cruxes in The Core City, venturing out beyond city limits and setting up harvest farms wherever esse springs can be found. Working in conjuction with Techs, Hydros have successfully developed a booming esse harvesting industry, and The Core City boasts the most harvest farms in the world.

Aside from some disagreements about temperature, Pyromancers and Hydromancers get along just fine. In fact, most interclass couples in The Climatics District tend to be between the two.

Hydromancers and Aeromancers hold festivals every month where their powers merge and create a fog that persists for several days. The other Cruxes are not huge fans of this festival.

Hydromancy is the most common of the magic classes.

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