Cruxian Class Profile: Imaginate

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

With a reputation for kind dispositions, wild and vivid imaginations, and a slight tendency towards excessive partying, the fun-loving Imaginates have the power to bend reality to varying degrees, making daydreams a beautiful (and sometimes horrifying) reality.

Sigil of Imaginates
Community leaders within the Festival District could not agree on a sigil to represent their vast imaginations, so they agreed that the blending of bright colors would be the least divisive sigil possible.

The average reality-bending Imaginate is only capable of making small alterations to the world around them at a time, but the most powerful, spirited, and imaginative among them are responsible for The Festival District's tilted spires, winding roads of shifting colors, and a persisting mythical animal problem.

Imagination: An Imaginate can Imagine objects or (in extreme cases) living beings into existence or alter already-existing objects. The inhabitants of The Festival District pride themselves on being daydreamers because daydreaming is viewed as an homage to their power. Because of this, they're viewed as a bit ditzy and child-like by their fellow Cruxes.

Casting Style: The average Imaginate can only use their magic when in deep sleep or after daydreaming for hours at a time. The most skilled can fall into a daydream in an instant, making their power accessible at any time.

Eye Color: Rainbow

Closeup of an Imaginate woman's eye
Imaginate woman's eye

Focus of Study: Creativity, daydreaming

School: College of Creation

Career Fields: Writers, artists, dancers (really, any artistic field), Dreamweavers

District: The Festival District

Council Representative: The Progenitor

Moon: Echo, a large, multicolored moon. When Echo is full and highest in the night sky, a series of images appear alongside it, not unlike an aurora, but with complete images and film-like scenes.

Echo, the Dream Moon
Echo, the Dream Moon

Fun Facts:

Walking through The Festival District, you will likely come across a Dreamweaving business at some point. Dreamweavers are Imaginates who provide "Dreams" to their clients: basically, their client requests an object or magical creature and the Imaginate provides it to them after a certain number of business days. The more powerful the Imaginate, the more accurate and quickly-delivered the Dream, and the more expensive the service.

All classes have typical career fields, but a particularly powerful Imaginate can likely choose any career they so desire. Turns out creating or altering anything you want at any time makes you pretty valuable to most industries.

Imaginates are legendary for their parties/festivals. This makes them an everyday nuisance to the Psionic inhabitants of The Silent District, who ironically reside right next to The Festival District. When the districts were being designed, Psionics had to choose between living next to the Hexxers or the Imaginates. Begrudgingly, they chose the Imaginates. They regret it. A lot.

Imaginates are known for their friendliness, and their district has a reputation for being the warmest and most welcoming in all of The Core City. However, every class has its bad apples, and rumors have spread of a subgroup of Imaginates who use their power to bring nightmares into the world instead of dreams...but it's surely just a rumor!

Despite each class' endless devotion to their own moon, most begrudginly admit that the nights when Echo is full are the nights they most look forward to.

Imagination is the third rarest magic class.

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