Cruxian Class Profile: Psionic

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Quiet and stoic, Psionics are so attuned to the thoughts of those around them that the district they call home is nearly entirely silent.

Sigil of Psionics
Psionics, both respected and feared by their fellow Crux, make up the largest percent of Psiguards who serve as the Council's network of intelligence within The Core City. They make up some of the closer advisors to the Emperor and wear that badge with pride, designing a sigil that reminds all who look upon it of the spies who watch them.

While all Psionics can read and command the minds of others, the strongest among them boast the ability to open portals, hear the thoughts of others from greater distances, and control a greater number of people for a greater length of time.

Psionics: A psionic can hear and interact telepathically, move objects psychokinetically, possess minds, and/or open portals. They are usually gifted at one of these things over the others, but a rare few possess a talent for multiple or even all Psionic capabilities.

Casting Style: Mind (who'd've thunk?)

Eye Color: Pink

Closeup of a Psionic woman's eye
Psionic woman's eye

Focus of Study: Focus, patience

School: Institute of Empowered Minds; the strongest tend to be recruited directly by the Core City Observation Agency (CCOA)

Career Fields: Spies/informants (Psi-ops), detectives, interrogators, soldiers (Psiguards), Scientists, therapists/psychologists, journalists/reporters

District: The Silent District

Council Representative: The Spymaster

Moon: Reverie, a medium, pink moon. When Reverie is full and highest in the night sky, it provokes deep thought and occasionally prompts people to blurt what they are thinking aloud.

Reverie, the True Moon
Reverie, the True Moon

Fun Facts:

The fittingly named Silent District is able to maintain its near-complete silence because all of its Psionic residents prefer to communicate solely by thought. The entirely telepathic language is called Psispeak.

While outsiders who haven't mastered Psispeak are not legally required to keep quiet when visiting The Silent District, it is considered incredibly rude and most maintain their silence out of custom, politeness, or peer pressure more than anything.

In addition to being the quietest district, The Silent District is also the simplest. Psionics value simplicity and peace above all, to the point of naming their shops "Book Store on ____ Street" or "Buy Food Here" to keep everything as straightforward as can be.

Any district in The Core City can be easily navigated thanks to the portal system that is employed by Psionics (the only class that can open and maintain portals). You can access the system underground within every district except The Jinx, but going outside the city requires you to venture into The Silent District and use the system in place there.

The current Emperor of The Core City (and one of my protagonists) has a tendency towards stoicism because the current Spymaster mentored and advised him for most of his life.

There are no streets in The Silent District. Psionics hate sound enough that they made sure to replace transportation in their district with portals entirely and disallow any vehicles, flying or otherwise.

The Psionics live north of The Festival District where Imaginates live. It was between that or living next to The Jinx and the Hexxers who live in it, which most in The Core City would never want to do. There are certainly times where they regret their decision, though. The Festival District gets its name for good reason.

Psionics is the rarest of the magic classes.

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