Cruxian Class Profile: Pyromancer

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Passionate and impulsive, the Pyromancer embraces doing things on a whim and treats rage as a gift, not an emotion to bottle up inside.

Sigil of Pyromancers
Because Pyromancers choose to embrace rage rather than bottle it up and allow it to slowly consume, Pyros are ironically one of the calmer magic classes with one of the healthier and more expressive communities. It also made them more than happy to incorporate both their normal eye color and their more passionate eye color in their sigil's design.

While all Pyromancers are capable of shifting into beings of living flame and bending fire to their will whether in humanoid or flame form, the strongest among them boast the ability to go even deeper, manipulating smoke and setting structures ablaze with merely a thought.

Pyromancy: The four magic classes that make up The Climatics District all seem more elemental than human; they all embrace their respective element to the point of nearly merging with it, giving them the gift of both harnessing and becoming one with their magic.

Casting Style: Hands (in humanoid form), pretty much any part of the body (as flame)

Eye Color: Orange, Red (when excited or angry)

Closeup of a Pyromancer woman's eye
Pyromancer woman's eye. It's not known what the photographer said to prompt the color change. It's probably best not to ask.

Focus of Study: Passion

School: College of Climatics

Career Fields: Energy, chefs, Weather Segmentors, Sentinels

District: The Climatics District

Council Representative: The Bishop of the Blazen

Moon: Radiance, a large, red-tinted moon. When Radiance is full and highest in the night sky, it provides the same warmth that a bright streak of sunlight would, regardless of the season.

Radiance, the Blaze Moon
Radiance, the Blaze Moon

Fun Facts:

Pyromancers and Aeromancers have something of a playful rivalry; Pyromancers love sending smoke into the air while Aeromancers insist on keeping it smoke-free. Because Cruxes don't have lungs and have access to extremely advanced technology and powerful magic, this friendly rivalry has never become much of an issue. It does get annoying, though.

A Weather Segmentor is any inhabitant of The Climatics District who works to maintain the weather to the Council's (and by extention, The Core City's) liking. It's like a meteorologist whose predictions come true because they always create the outcome. A Pyromancy Weather Segmentor would work with Hydromancers (or sometimes argue) to determine the proper temperature to set the city at.

Pyros, for reasons that aren't entirely known, are the most skilled at Rending, a practice in which a Crux tears the core from another Crux, killing them and absorbing their core's energy. There are many theories as to why Pyros have proven to be the best at it, but the prevailing theory is that their connection to energy through flame makes them naturally talented at the terrifying and scarcely-used ability.

Aside from some disagreements about temperature, Pyromancers and Hydromancers get along just fine. In fact, most interclass couples in The Climatics District tend to be between the two.

Pyromancers make great chefs, not only because of their perfect control over heat, but also because they are capable of cooking foods that no other Crux can build up a high enough fire to cook.

Pyromancy is the fifth rarest of the magic classes.

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