Cruxian Class Profile: Shockmancer

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

The daring innovators of The Core City making up the population of its Tech District, the Shockmancer tends to specialize either in the manipulation of thunder and lightning or the manipulation of technology.

Initial drafts of the Shockmancy sigil were developed by Techs who preferred representing technology over lightning. After their lightning-specializing counterparts took notice of the clear bias (and confronted them, pointing out that the Techs had already been granted the honor of having the district named after them) the meticulous and prideful Techs begrudgingly changed the design to represent their passionate and volatile brethren as well.

While several classes within the Cruxian universe are split into different power sets, Shockmancers are the only class whose subclasses' differences cause them to be constantly at odds with one another, even within families.

Shockmancy: A Shockmancer is capable of either conjuring and manipulating lightning or designing and controlling technology. Tech-based Shockmancers (or Techs, for short) are brilliant inventors and designers while lightning-based Shockmancers (or Shocks, for short) are passionate, curious, and wildly rebellious adventurers and thrill-seekers.

Casting Style: Hands and mind (if Tech); palms or fingers (if Shock)

Eye Color: Purple

Shockmancer man's eye

Focus of Study: Science, mathematics (if Tech); focus, energy-harboring (if Shock)

School: College of Climatics (though many Shocks opt for enlisting in the Cruxian Infantry as Sentinels)

Career Fields: Engineers, scientists, mathematicians, Esse Harvesters, inventors (if Tech); Sentinels, mercenaries, adventurers (if Shock)

District: The Tech District

Council Representative: The Fulminator

Moon: Static, a small, glowing blue moon. When Static is full and highest in the night sky, rainless lightning storms can be expected.

Static, the Jolt Moon

Fun Facts:

The daring and somewhat reckless nature of the Shocks prompted them to volunteer to have the Shockmancy district placed nearest The Jinx. It is one of many decisions in the city's history that has caused tension between the Shocks and the Techs, who argued against the district's placement but were overruled by a Council that was tired of hearing every class argue with one another over their district's location and thrilled to have someone volunteer.

Despite the initial enthusiasm among Shocks to live close to the cursed Hexxers for the thrill of it, actual proximity to The Jinx has caused even them to regret their placement.

Another point of contention among Techs and Shocks has been the Tech's development of The Tech District. For years, Techs have resented Shocks for "not contributing enough" to the advancement of the district, while Shocks have resented Techs for "thinking themselves superior" because of their brilliance and inventiveness. Honestly, they're kind of just jealous of each other.

Static, the Jolt Moon is one of the most dangerous moons. Fortunately, the effects of every moon tend to be minor, so the lightning storms Static creates are never too much of a threat to the highly advanced and magically gifted Core City inhabitants.

Shockmancy is the fourth rarest of the magic classes (though Techs would probably smugly point out that manipulating technology should count as its own class, therefore making them the rarest magic class and Shocks the second rarest).

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