Everything Reminds Me Of You

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

by Anonymous

And I'm sorry

But my eyes can still


Create an exact replica of

Your face.

Being around

Other people

Makes me desperate

For you, and

At three in the morning

Your contact

Is the first one

I open.

Talking to you

Makes me happier

Than anyone or

Anything, so

I still write poetry about us,

When I sit next

To someone whose

Hands don't feel like yours

But are close enough.

The sun shone for us

The clouds dispersed for me

The grass grew greener for you

The universe fell into place

Every time I looked for you

And you stood by my side

Saying that you wouldn't

Go anywhere.

I can still sync

My heartbeat

To the sound of

Your laughter

Even though I said that

We needed to


For us me this

But everything was for you.

Everything is for you

Because you deserve

So much better

Than whatever the hell I gave you

So I lied to myself every day

Created a delusion

For me to live in

And pretended

That I could live a life

Without you in it

But I still threw up a little

When I said

I don't love you anymore.

#poetry #heartbreak #love

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