Serial Killer Advises Public to Pledge to Kill Less Often to Reduce Homicide Rates

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

by Bryanna Gary

Richard Cox, Ohio serial killer charged with forty-six counts of first-degree murder and four counts of aggravated assault, took to Twitter to share a call to action to reduce the rising rates of homicide.

Who gave him internet?

A prolific serial killer, 46-year old Richard Cox was most recently convicted of the murder and dismemberment of an entire neighborhood block in Cleveland as well as causing grievous injuries to onlookers in his efforts to evade arrest. Police reported that, after his arrest, Cox lamented the violence in America and swore to dedicate his life to peaceful activism and raising awareness. His pledge came just three weeks before his cellmate, Daniel Yuri, was found stabbed multiple times in the chest and neck. Cox, standing over Yuri's body with a bloody shiv carved from the end of a toothbrush, was quickly apprehended.

The tweet comes just a week before Cox is scheduled to appear in court for sentencing. In the meantime, Cox has announced his proud $2 investment into End the Pain, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing violent crime. He was also found to have invested $6,000 investment into Increase the Pain, a for-profit murder ring that generates revenue from the screaming, restless souls of recent homicide victims.

Take his fucking phone away. Jesus.

Cox failed to announce his more substantial investment on social media, but has expressed enthusiasm at "helping to stop murders."

Cox is scheduled to appear for sentencing for his most recent murder conviction on November 5th.

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