Venturing Into the World of RP in World of Warcraft Pt. 1: The Rat and The Pimp

I'm doing this for two reasons: one, some friends and I created this whole storyline where we're magical brooms working for the Sanitation Department and trying to unionize and get rights for sentient objects and of course that's something that needs to be shared, and two: I do not have the latest post ready yet, so I'm providing a video in the meantime. Oh, and also three, I cannot figure out how to fix my website layout because a long post doesn't show the issue, so I have to post something much shorter to fix it. Don't ask, I don't understand it either.

For this particular video, we encountered a beautiful man who wanted to join the Sanitation Department. But his evil magic pimp wasn't having it. We had to act. So we did.

Also note: the videos I make are usually much more edited than this, with music and such. But, uh...that's gonna take some time. We have a lot of footage. A lot.


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