Personality Quiz: Who Are You In The Core City? Myers-Briggs

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

by Bryanna Gary

New series alert! "Who Are You In The Core City?" takes a number of different aspects about human life and connects you with a magic class from The Core City! Don't know what The Core City is or what all of the magic classes are? Check them all out in the links at the bottom, or click the link your type falls under!

For our first installment, personality types! What's your Myers-Briggs type? If you're not sure, you can take a quiz online here.

Once you've got that, you can take the (very quick) below!

Info on all classes and their respective types below:







ISFJ-T (Thorns)

























Shockmancers (Tech):





Shockmancers (Shock)






ENTP-T: Aeromancers love to talk, though it mostly tends to be with other Aeromancers. They love gossip in particular, and when they gossip, they love picking one side or the other (as all gossips do). Because of this, debating is something of a pastime for the average Aeromancer, and the best way to earn the trust and respect of one is to tell them something they haven't already heard from someone else. For Aeromancers, social status is determined by how much they know, how quickly they found out about it, and whose side they chose in whatever recent drama has ensued. Their love for debate and their social reliance on it makes them a great fit for Turbulent ENTPs.

ESFJ-T: Although Aeromancers don't interact with other magic classes as much as Hydromancers and Imaginates do, they're great Cruxes to be around when you get to know them. Friendly, social, and always equipped with tea to share (the gossip kind, not the liquid kind), they love social gatherings, being in the know, and helping others. Their desire to be helpful is where their gossipy nature stems from, as they usually share gossip to entertain the Cruxes they're talking to or to share information that wasn't known. Their feelings can be hurt fairly easily, though, and they can't stand the thought of being disliked, which is why they aren't as likely to interact with other magic classes that might not understand them as well as fellow Aeromancers can. They fit well with Turbulent ESFJs.

ESFP-T: Aeromancers love to gossip, not because they like causing trouble (although they often do unintentionally stir shit up), but because it's all part of their goal to entertain and impress those around them. They're notoriously fashionable, chatty, and occasionally cliquey, and they absolutely love the spotlight. The few times that they stray away from The Climatics District and into other districts, it's usually to party, to gather juicy intel, or to spread the word about some kind of exciting news. They are great for livening up parties in The Festival District, and the only non-elemental class that they can typically be seen with are the fun-loving Imaginates who value a good time as much as they do. They can be sensitive, however, and tend to avoid the overly blunt classes like Psionics. This makes them fit well with Turbulent ESFPs.


ISFJ-A: Protective and caring, Alleviates specialize in healing injuries and illnesses and usually end up choosing professions that require a level head in stressful situations. Most Alleviates who work in The Wellness District are unfazed by even the most brutal of illnesses and injuries and prefer sticking with healing, which they believe is the only thing Alleviation is meant for. This makes them a good fit for the Assertive Defender type.

ISFJ-T (Thorn): Determined to protect the things and Cruxes they care about, Alleviates who specialize in controlling and utilizing the more brutal aspects of nature fit perfectly with the Turbulent Defender type. Thorns are typically Alleviates who are not satisfied with simply healing to protect what they love, and turn to poisons, thorns, and other plant-based offensive magic to remove threats at the source.

INFJ-T: There is nothing worse to an Alleviate than failing to heal someone. Alleviates take pride in helping other Cruxes, and every injury and illness is a new enemy to be conquered in their quest to make the world better one step at a time. They are the charity workers, doctors, nurses, and anything else that brings them close to other Cruxes and lets them help others be better than they were before they met them. They take the pain of others incredibly seriously and personally, which makes them a fit for Turbulent INFJs.

ESFJ-A: Alleviates are one of the most beloved magic classes, not only because their entire power is to heal people (you tend to be very likeable when you can do that), but also because they're known for going out of their way to help others, being supportive and good listeners, and being extremely gentle and understanding. They take their power to heal seriously--possibly more than any other magic class--and they have a habit of putting others before themselves, coming into contact with Null (a dangerous, core-draining substance that can kill Cruxes) if it means saving someone who was exposed to it. The selfless and caring nature of Alleviates makes them fit well with Assertive ESFJs.


INTP-A: Geomancers tend to be a mix of the creative Imaginates and the analytical Techs and Psionics. They love new ideas, but they also tend to be stubborn in how those ideas should be executed and prefer to do things their own way. The vast majority of architects in The Core City are Geomancers, not only because they control the earth, but because they are the best at coming up with creative structural designs that actually have a chance of standing. Geomancers are also legendary for having "tough skin," not letting the opinions and words of others get the best of them, making them a good fit for INTP-A.

ESTJ-T: Geomancers aren't afraid to be creative, but they do have routines that they prefer to stick with, and a lot of their training revolves around stability. They're some of the most "grounded" (ha, get it?) Cruxes in The Core City, having built the entire foundation of the city and having a reputation for being extremely disciplined, hard workers. Something that sets them apart from Techs, who also value hard work and discipline, is that Geomancers can also be a bit more emotional, making them fit better with Turbulent ESTJs.

INTJ-A: While one of the more traditional magic classes, Geomancers don't avoid change nearly as much and are in fact happy to embrace it, especially if it means they get a chance to build something new. The entire Core City was designed and constructed by a large group of dedicated Geomancers, (with the help of a team of Techs and Imaginates, of course) and the opportunity to build something even better always delights them. They love a challenge and know how to get the work done quickly and efficiently. Motivated and ambitious, Geomancers also don't mind working independently, making them a good fit for Assertive INTJs.


INFP-A: Hydromancers are known as the most adaptable of all of the magic classes because they excel at, wait for it...adapting! They are constantly in-tune with those around them, even the magic classes that are drastically different from them, and their gentle nature makes them some of the most laid-back Cruxes to be around. They tend to be somewhat aloof, but that makes them less eager to please others and less afraid of making their thoughts and feelings known to others, which only adds to their charm. They are also endlessly imaginative and idealistic, making them a good fit for Assertive INFPs.

ENFP-A: While Hydromancers love their independence, they're also known for being free-spirited and unafraid of trying new things and meeting new Cruxes. Other than Imaginates, Hydromancers are the only class that can be commonly seen in other districts besides their own. They "go with the flow," (ha, get it?) which allows them to find things in common with even some of the most unlikely Cruxes, like Pyromancers. Their adaptability makes them one of the most approachable magic classes, and a Hydromancer's ability to mix independence with sociability makes them a good fit for Assertive ENFPs.


INTP-T: There are two things most Imaginates love: coming up with new ideas and bouncing ideas off of other creatives/thinkers. While the analytical and inventive nature of INTPs might sometimes make them a better fit for Psionics, Techs, or Geomancers, the more sociable and idea-driven nature of Turbulent INTPs makes them a good fit for Imagination. While Imaginates usually tend to create/invent things that are silly and whimsical, some are also famous for having invented some of the most creative solutions to problems in The Core City, including the rainbow bridge that connects all of the districts to The Central District, where all magic classes converge.

INFP-T: Imaginates are, well, extremely imaginative. They love creating something out of nothing, and they find joy in using their boundless creativity to help those around them. They are extremely happy-go-lucky (even those that maybe tend to be shy) and are so friendly that they're the only magic class that's known for interacting with the Hollowed and the Hexxers, who everyone else avoids. They try to see the best in everyone, but ironically never see themselves as good enough. They can also be seen as naive and childish because of their wild imaginations and their willingness to interact with "undesirables." This makes them fit well with Turbulent INFPs.

ISTP-T: Imaginates are quick to get bored, so they love exploring and trying new things at every opportunity. Their ability to conjure and alter objects (to varying degrees) makes them the most imaginative and unconventional Cruxes in The Core City. Stability bores them, order irritates them, and the quiet drives them mad. They need to be active and learning something new, Dreamweaving something new, or going somewhere/meeting someone new. They're constantly on the move and are probably one of the most adventurous classes other than Shocks. Their constant switching between activities and passions makes them a good fit for Turbulent ISTPs.

ISFP-T: Hell for any Imaginate would be sitting in a cubicle at a 9-5 job. Their district, The Festival District, is aptly named for its constant activity and unpredictability. Above all the other magic classes, Imaginates hate tradition and order the most, making them one of the most likely classes to go beyond boundaries and break the rules. This can get them into quite a bit of trouble, which is why the Alleviate's Wellness District was deliberately placed just north of The Festival District so that anyone caught up in the frenzy of Imaginate activity (including many Imaginates themselves) could be quickly and efficiently brought in for medical treatment. Imaginates can still be pretty sensitive and restless, however, making them a good fit for Turbulent ISFPs.

ESFP-A: While Imaginates are probably one of the most emotional classes, they're also one of the ones that is most secure in their own power, and embrace it wholeheartedly. The Festival District is known not only for its parties, but also for being the district that most closely represents those living within it. It is by far the flashiest district in all of The Core City, with a myriad of flashing colors, distinct smells, and a wide variety of music playing on every block. Because Imaginates get bored so easily, they often take the task of providing entertainment into their own hands, ensuring that their home district is never boring. It's the only reason Imaginates don't have wanderlust quite as intensely as Shocks do. The Imaginates' pride in their own power and their reputation for being proud to express their art and magic to everyone makes them a good fit for Assertive ESFPs.


ENTJ-T: Analytical, eager to take on challenges, and determined to lead themselves and those around them to success, Psionics are infamous for being somewhat ruthless and emotionally detached from the other magic classes to reach their goals. They are the Cruxes to turn to for coming up with new and innovative ways to solve problems quickly and effectively, but because Psionics are constantly dealing with the thoughts and emotions of those around them, they do not handle stress well and do not like being in situations that get too overwhelming too fast. This makes them a good fit for Turbulent ENTJ.

ENTP-A: Psionics couldn't give less of a shit about the opinions of others, especially other magic classes. They are blunt, unafraid to speak their minds, secure in what they know, and they love a good debate. Turns out, being a mind reader makes one an exceptionally good debater. And because Psionics have the power to know exactly what everyone around them is thinking at any given time, they can confidently cut through the bullshit, and they're known for not filtering themselves. This makes them a good fit for Assertive ENTPs.

INFJ-A: Even though Psionics train themselves to be less emotional than the other magic classes and are widely seen as the least approachable, that doesn't mean they don't care about others. There are a number of Psionics who are determined to help those in need, and because they themselves struggle with having to hear the turbulent thoughts of others at any given time, plenty of them seek out career paths that allow them to help Cruxes in distress find peace. Their tendency towards emotional detachment means that they are less likely to take a failure to help Cruxes as personally as an Alleviate might, which makes them a better fit for Assertive INFJs.

ISTJ-A: Probably the best fit for Psionics. Psionics are best known for having a district that exists almost entirely in silence and a culture that values logic and practicality above all else. They usually avoid emotion and passion, not because they are heartless or don't have feelings, but because dealing with the thoughts and emotions of others is so taxing that they seek out logic and reason wherever they can. They love stability, hate deviating from the norm, and can always be relied on to solve problems quickly and efficiently--more than any other class. They can also know what everyone is thinking at any time and are used to the blunt thoughts in other Cruxes' heads, so they don't really care what other Cruxes think of them.


ENFJ-T: Emotionally the opposite of the distant Psionics, Pyromancers embrace their feelings and are extremely gifted at both listening to others and expressing themselves. This makes them excellent, passionate leaders that those working with them and under them can rely on and confide in. The flip side of this is that their passion can sometimes translate into rage or despair, and they can sometimes lose control of their emotions if they bottle them up for too long. They also have a tendency to randomly set things on fire, so it's a good thing that everyone around them also has magic to counter the sudden bouts of flaming rage. Their impressive charisma, passion, and sensitivity make them a good fit for Turbulent ENFJ.

ENFP-T: The Pyromancer's passion and charisma makes them not only good leaders, but good friends and just generally good Cruxes to be around. When Imaginates of The Festival District party (which they often do), Pyromancers are some of the best to have around. They really know how to make any gathering "lit" (haha, get it?) with their seemingly limitless energy, and love of getting to know other Cruxes. Some feel pressured to maintain that persona, however, and often put themselves in social situations even when they don't want to out of a fear of being seen as boring or antisocial. That makes them fit best with Turbulent ENFPs.

ESTP-T: One of the most important things for any Pyromancer to focus on when learning to control their flame is to get a good hold of their emotions. Pyromancers are legendary for being extremely emotional and sensitive, but that also makes them some of the best listeners, most passionate, and most energetic. They're extremely impulsive because when they encounter something that interests them, they want to take action immediately. This makes them one of the most active magic classes, which also causes parts of The Climatics District to spontaneously combust every now and then. Because control over one's emotions is so important for any Pyromancer (to avoid the spontaneous combustion problem), they fit well with Turbulent ESTPs.

Shockmancers (Tech):

ENTJ-A: Techs are very analytical, love challenges, and can make excellent leaders who are especially in-tune with the needs of those around them when it comes to getting things accomplished. But unlike Psionics, Techs thrive on working in chaotic and stressful situations, and some of the greatest inventions in The Core City have involved a Tech bringing order from chaos. This makes them a good fit for Assertive ENTJs.

ESTJ-A: Techs are very similar to Psionics personality-wise, and it was pretty tough separating the types between the two of them. However, the Tech's passion and ambition won out over the Psionic's love for order and stability. Techs are much more logical and resistant to change than Shocks are, but it's not because they're boring and stuffy. Their passion is in innovating and rising through the ranks in their respective fields, and they aren't afraid to try new things when it comes to something they're passionate about. They make great, reliable leaders because they're ambitious and emotions don't usually cloud their judgment. They fit well with Assertive ESTJs.

INTJ-T: While Techs prefer tradition far more than Shocks do, they do not like being told what to do. They're innovators, endlessly creative and dedicated to their craft, and the last thing they need is to have someone hovering over them telling them that they're using their powers wrong. They have a tendency to be a bit judgmental, which is seen most often in their interactions with their Shock friends, neighbors, and loved ones, whose more reckless lifestyles they most certainly do not approve of if it's not for the sake of building something new. They can handle change better than some of the other more traditional Cruxes, however, which is why they fit well with Turbulent ISTJs.

ISTJ-T: Techs are not as resistant to showing their emotions as Psionics are, but they do still have a lot in common with them, including a love for all things logical and practical. Techs are brilliant inventors (not very surprising considering their control over technology and energy) and their creations are what makes The Core City so much more advanced than other Cruxian cities. It is hard to say how effective the city's unique merging of all the different magic classes would be without the help of the inventions created by Techs, but it's safe to assume that it would be much more chaotic and even dangerous without them. The Tech's practicality, logic, and love of order make them a good fit for Turbulent ISTJs.

Shockmancers (Shock):

ENFJ-A: Shocks make great, daring leaders who stand up for what's right no matter how dangerous or foolish it may be (and in The Core City, standing up for what's right can often be incredibly dangerous and foolish). It's fitting that the first protagonist of any short story I plan to post to the site is a Shock, because all Shocks are willing to go where no one else is willing to go, learn what others are afraid to learn, and see what isn't meant to be seen. Most legendary Cruxes are Shocks, and it's no wonder why. And while Shocks make great leaders, they can also work just as well alone, making them a great fit for Assertive ENFJs.

ISTP-A: Shocks don't like convention at all. They're reckless, daring, and often at odds with the Techs in their district, even if they're family members. They don't often think about the consequences of their actions, which is why they tend to put themselves in danger more than any of the other magic classes. It's been noted by Alleviate physicians that Shocks make up the greatest percent of their patients, and it's usually due to injury rather than illness. The fearlessness of Shocks was even what caused them to volunteer to have their district placed nearest The Jinx, the hated district of the hated and feared Hexxers. Their unconventional behavior and lack of interest in the traditions and expectations of others makes them a good fit for Assertive ISTPs.

ISFP-A: As the most adventurous magic class, Shocks have a passion for trying new things and don't like to be tied down. They are constantly at odds with their Tech friends, family, and neighbors, who are far more likely to prefer tradition, stability, and security. They're also more likely to get along with Imaginates and Hydromancers, who also love trying new things. Unlike Imaginates, however, Shocks do not feel the need to meet or rely on other people and in fact prefer their independence. Because they are known for their bravery, their pride, their energy (often quite literally), their curiosity, and their confidence, they fit well with Assertive ISFPs.

ESTP-A: While Shocks usually prefer adventure, there are those who are content with staying within The Tech District and finding a profession there. That doesn't mean they're content with just any lifestyle, however. Some of the biggest disagreements between Shocks and Techs have been between the leaders of The Tech District, half of whom are the more traditional and judicious Techs and half of whom are the more non-traditional and daring Shocks. A Shock's ability to confidently lead and take risks without fear of judgment or failure makes them a good fit for Assertive ESTPs.

Did I miss something? Any types you think fit better with a different magic class than what I picked? What's your type and magic class? I'd love to hear comments!

Note: I didn't forget the Hollowed or Hexxers, but their respective situations make them a little harder to fit into any one type. Honestly, a lot of these types can fit into multiple magic classes, and I just wasn't sure how to go about these two. But if you read the profiles for either of them and feel you might fit into them better, feel free to comment and let me know!

And yes, I'm aware of the irony of calling Hexxers "the forgotten class" and not including them here. Sorry, y'all.

Also, as an INFP-T (Imaginates represent, y'all!), I want to give a huge thanks and shout-out to INF Club, a blog for all things introvert, including interviews and articles that many INFPs and INFJs can relate to. It was INF Club that got me more interested in Myers-Briggs and made me think it would be fun to connect it to The Core City somehow, so I highly recommend checking them out!

Get a Taste of The Magic Classes of The Core City:

Alleviation: the healing class

Aeromancy: the whispering class

Geomancy: the forging class

Hexxers: the forgotten class

Hollowed: the non-class

Hydromancy: the flowing class

Imagination: the dreaming class

Psionics: the watching class

Pyromancy: the raging class

Shockmancy: the innovating class

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