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  • Brioche the Breadlord

    Lord (lady) of: Lists, Sci-Fi

    1. Senior in college making the very reasonable and not at all possibly regrettable life decision of creating her own major. Working on a concentration that's a mouthful but is basically political theory, creative writing, and science fiction.

    2. Threw a bitch fit about not having enough cool shit to read about, so made this site to compensate for her hurt feelings.

    3. Is super woke and knows how to talk about things like capitalism and institutional racism.

    4. Loves the city even though it smells.

  • Lyd the Dabbler

    Dabbler of Everything

    Lyd the Dabbler was born in the land of California where she discovered the dark magic that allowed her to make tapestries come to life and follow her orders. Wanting to further train in the dark arts, Lyd traversed the vast plains to the mighty city of New York where she is now a final year student. When not creating moving tapestries, she can be found playing her lute, running with the hounds, or sleeping. 

  • Emma


    Spawned in some queer kelp forest in the middle of the ocean, Bard_Flying_Blind rose from the primordial soup to share her words about the strange and wonderful with the world (not unlike Botticelli's Venus). She's not as human so much as a creature made of metaphor, rhythm, hyperbole, and other poetic devices in a desperate attempt to explain life.

    15% science. 15% art. 70% the tears of every sentient being

  • Rachel Presents Rachel

    Countess of Cahmedy

    Rachel Presents Rachel was born in a log cabin she also built herself. She enjoys long walks on the beach and long cries in the car. She's an "It's Complicated" in college, where she studies (comedic) dramatic writing.

  • Jon the Semite

    Flash Prose Remembrancer

    Jon the Semite is a young immortal wandering the Earth forever in search of Wolfgang Beltracchi's forgeries. He is an amateur shoemaker, and professional doorman at the estate of Pontius Pilate.

  • lycheepopboba

    Alex the Peachy Writer

    lycheepopboba is a pseudonym for Alex, the peachy writer and not-so-standard engineering student. She enjoys reading and writing just as much as she enjoys sleeping. Her current book is a one-year-long WIP. Her past WIPs were four years long before being scraped. She's a fan of, breathes, and exhales sad girl poetry.

    (Also, she really likes lychee flavored popping boba).

  • Kafkas Hund

    Temperance Fountain Enthusiast

    "Apache Kafka is an open-source stream-processing software platform developed by LinkedIn ... This unlocks Kafka from the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) eco-system."

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