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If you are looking for a blog to stimulate your mind and expand your horizons, and perhaps offer writing tips here and there as well, then you are in luck. Welcome to the Angry Noodle, and this is no ordinary blog, but who wants an ordinary blog anyways? I like to describe the Angry Noodle as an entertainment slash writing blog, where we endeavor to explore the world of science fiction and the realms of fantasy. When I said "expand your horizons" it was meant literally as well as figuratively.

That might also be something to get used to here at the Angry Noodle because rarely are things as simple as they seem, and there is a deeper truth to almost everything. Are you ready to build worlds, remember what we just discussed, for both your understanding and your imagination? Then welcome home, the Angry Noodle is glad to have you on board.

A writing blog where you can find writing tips? Yes, we can be that, but if that is all you are here for then perhaps a writer's tutorial blog might be more your speed. If you want that, along with a new experience, the chance to experience new worlds, new people, and new ideas, then this is where you want to be.

You are also going to find what you might call "personality quizzes" that are "writerly" in nature, such as which book genre are you? Or random and sometimes out of left field rants about, well - almost anything. So feel free to share, to read, to grow, to explore, and welcome again to the Angry Noodle, so go ahead and take a bite.

The Angry Noodle

The Angry Noodle is a leftist writing blog for all things writing, pop culture, politics, and more.

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